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Our packages give you and your family immediate access to selected hospitals across the country and helps with with the cost of a wide range of services. See your specific packages for more details.

Out-patient and specialist consultations

This includes registration and consultations with general practice doctors or specialists when referred by a general practitioner. Dependent on the package, it also includes non-specialist and specialist diagnosis of medical and surgical conditions, accident and emergency room* services and the supply of prescribed drugs and medications. *Under our cover, the patient is stabilised in the event of life threatening emergencies before definitive care.

Routine Immunizations
(Immunizations under National Program on Immunization). All immunizations listed as followed are covered:
BCG, Measles, DPT, Hepatitis B, Oral Polio and yellow fever with Vitamin A supplementation

Additional Immunizations
HiB (Haemophilus Influenza B), MMR (Measles, Mumps & Rubella), Pneumococcal vaccine

Laboratory Tests
We include a wide range of laboratory tests as requested by our doctors including: Malaria Parasite; Widal; Full Blood Count and Differentials; Urine Microscopy ,Culture and Sensitivity; Urinalysis; Stool Microscopy ,Culture and Sensitivity;Blood Sugar; Electrolyte and Urea ,Creatinine, Hepatitis Test, Liver Function Test Cholesterol and lipid profile, Prostatic Specific Antigen, hormonal Assay, Uric acid assay, Calcium and Phosphate assay and viral culture.

Cardiac Investigations
Including Electrocardiography (ECG) – resting, exercise, pre & post exercise: for electrical monitoring of the Heart. Echocardiogram: Advanced sonogram investigation of the Heart

Other Diagnostic Investigations/Procedures
All services are provided as specifically requested by the doctor. Electroencephalography (EEG): EEG: Recording of the electrical activity of the brain Endoscopy {Act of viewing the Organs with a scope} e.g. Gastroduodenoscopy for Peptic Ulcer Disease, Anoscopy for Rectal Cancer etc Pap Smear (Screening test used to discover a pre-cancerous state of the female cervix in order to prevent cervical cancer), Barium Meal and Barium Enema.

In patient care (for covered medical and surgical procedures only)

This covers the processes of admissions and accommodation, feeding for enrollees on admission, skilled nursing and medical services, the supply of prescribed drugs, dressings, medical and surgical consumables and blood transfusion services.

Radiological, laboratory and diagnostic services

These services are carried out and offered based on the clinician’s judgment. Radiological Services include: Plain X-rays of all the parts of the body: Chest X-Rays, Plain Abdominal X-Rays, Limb, Neck, Skull, Back and Joint X-Rays.
Abdominal and pelvic ultrasound scans: Abdominal Ultrasound, Transvaginal, Ultrasound, KUBP Scan, and Pelvic Scan.

Advanced and complex investigations

Selected packages offer advanced radiological investigations which provides more accurate test results due to an enhanced illumination of the body organs and systems. These tests include: CT (Computed Tomography) Scans and MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans.

Physiotherapy and physical rehabilitation services

Our healthcare packages includes consultation, basic physical therapy including infra-red therapy and TENS stimulation; the supply of basic physiotherapeutic appliances such as cervical collars, lumbar corsets and crutches.

Minor surgeries and procedures

Minor surgical procedures would be identified as minor wounds treatment and dressing, incision & drainage of abscesses, suturing of minor cuts and lacerations, excision of simple Lipoma (Abnormal collection of fat) and the excision of Ganglion, Excision Of Sebaceous Cyst.

Intermediate surgeries and procedures

This includes minor Lumpectomy (Removal of a simple lump); hyrocelectomy (Repair of hydrocele); closed reduction and manipulation of simple fracture; ear, nose and throat procedures such as antral washout; orchidopexy (Surgical fixing of a “Torsioned Testes”) and orchidectomy (Removal of the testis),

Major and complex surgeries and procedures

Specified cover includes the following major operations in selected hospitals. advanced lumpectomy (advanced removal of the breast lump; synovectomy (surgical operation done on the synovial cavity); marsupialization(surgical operation done to repair the female bertholin’s cyst); laparatomy (surgical operation done on the abdomen); fixing of fractures ( external and internal fixation); salpingectomy (surgical operation done on the female Fallopian tube).

Intensive care services

Our packages provide intensive care services for patients with eligible packages requiring the following treatment stroke management, pain management, management of Diabetic emergencies and intensive Care treatment and ICU care. Eligible packages also include access to life support machines and artificial respiration. These can be used with ventilator care, the treatment of arrhythmias and cardiac emergencies, medical management of myocardial infarction or heart attacks and the stabilisation and maintenance treatment for chronic diseases.

Local evacuation

Ambulance transportation services will be available to evacuate patients between from road-side situations to hospitals and in between hospitals.

Antenatal and delivery

Antenatal services, examinations and supply of drugs for expectant mothers, the management of complications in pregnancy as well as delivery room services. This includes: management of labor, normal and assisted delivery (vacuum delivery, forceps delivery, caesarean section delivery) and post natal checks.

Neonatal services

This plan covers the care required by a new born for the first month (28 days) after birth. This includes: male circumcision, ear piercing, treatment of mild or moderate neonatal sepsis and phototherapy.

Optical care

Premier plans (up to N25,000 pa )
Royal plans (up to N30,000 pa )

Services covered include: refraction and the supply of frames and lenses (unifocal, bifocal, varifocal replaceable every two years. The treatment of acute and chronic eye diseases.

Dental care

Eligible packages include: routine dental checks, annual scaling and polishing, simple amalgam filing for dental caries and simple (non-surgical) extraction of teeth.

Dental surgical extraction

Surgical extraction of impacted tooth or of tooth with curved mesial roots.

Supportive treatment of HIV/AIDS

HIV screening, voluntary counselling and testing and treatment of opportunistic infections.

Annual comprehensive screenings for Royal packages

General Physical Examination, full Blood Count, Chest X-ray, Diabetes Screening, Screening for High Blood Pressure, Urine and Stool Tests, ECG and Stress Test, Dental and Eye Check up, Mammogram for Women , Pap Smear for Women and Prostate (PSA) for Men.

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