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Affordable premiums

and quality services.

our distintive features

Access to excellent healthcare is one of the key considerations in your life and at SwiftHMO, we understand how crucial this is. This is why we also offer a few more features over and above our competition.

Be confident in our competency

Our management board includes three experienced medical doctors who are well respected and distinguished consultants in their respective area of specialisation. As such, we are led by people who really care about the patient rather than business men who only care about the insurance premiums. This overarching value is reflected in our client centric work and our packages.

Friendly and easy to understand policies

Our policies are clear and transparent. We do not confuse you with medical terms or replica features. We offer friendly policies that give you exactly what you want. Our policies clearly exceed the expectations of our clients and providers.

Committed to your wellbeing

We offer a wide range of preventative health prohrammes and health awareness forums to help you stay healthy. You can trust the advise we provide as it is created and developed by a team of expert healthcare professionals. Preventive health awareness programs are conducted to enlighten staff on the risk of future illnesses allowing early intervention and treatment to promote productivity in the work place.

Swift HMO provides free well equipped first aid boxes

Every three months, Swift HMO conducts free medical checks to our clients; this includes blood sugar checks, Blood Pressure Checks, BMI etc.

Get a premium service with our providers

Swift HMO operates a policy that claims received from provider hospitals are paid within two weeks. This encourages the providers to pay special and great attention to Swift HMO enrolees. This includes emergency traetment and a prompt processing of claims.

Broad network of hospitals

Quality network of providers that are patient/ client centric: Flexibility of choice of hospitals, an enrollee can have access to three hospitals and can change hospitals when necessary.

No unexpected bills and unlimited hospital visits

Clients are allowed to use more than one hospitals of their choice, a hospital close to their home, another close to their office, one for the children or the wife, and another if you are out on primary assignment

Get the help you require, quickly

Gone are the days of spending hours in the hospital to see a doctor. Most providers issue and enrollee list which means extensive waiting while your entitlement is being verified. With SwiftHMO and our Identity card system, our clients can easily and quickly access healthcare.

Speak to us, at anytime

Uninterrupted service delivery and communication network: we offer round the clock accessibility through our toll free lines and 24hour Emergencyhelp services. We use toll free lines with MTN to MTN and AIRTEL to AIRTEL operators. We offer round the clock accessibility through our toll free lines and 24hour Emergency help services. Shortest waiting time, health service delivery is a click away.

Affordable premiums

Affordable Premium to ensure maximum participation by individuals and corporate bodies.

Cutting edge technology

with the use of world class software that complies with the latest quality healthcare standards along with the use of e-commerce and customer relationship enhancing technologies with efficient database are the cornerstone of our service delivery, fraud can be prevented, prospective, retrogressive and forensic analysis can be performed with ease.

Committed to customer satisfaction

Our client/ provider satisfaction is maximized through our feedback monitoring mechanism via use of questionnaires, users’ forum, focus-groups, and interviews etc.

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