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Corporate Health Plans

Our HMO packages are pre-paid plans based on tested and dependable healthcare concepts.

Third Party Administration (TPA)

We provide a medical outsourcing service which involves the recruitment of providers (hospitals), the processing and payment of hospital bills and quality assurance and control. There are no limits to medical care except where set by employer. All services outside the benefit packages are available on TPA basis.

We charge an administrative fee of 30% of the medical bill.

Occupational Health Practice

We offer a number of services to employers:

International emergency

SwiftHMO offers fast and efficient international health evacuation services to desired countries. Our international partners operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with varying cost effective options.

On-site clinics

We deliver on–site clinics designed to provide your employees with high quality medical care will be managed by SwiftHMO.

Catastrophic cover

We can provide help with any unforeseen emergency situations under our catastrophic product offerings.

Universal health cover

Staff members of corporate organisations can assess their preferred health plan by contributing 5% of their salaries on a monthly basis.

Customized health plan

If the above plans do not satisfy you, SWIFT HMO LTD will design a customized plan with your input.

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